Governance Model

Development of Physician-Led Governance Model

From the development of the clinical infrastructure, to clinical training and education, CaduceusHealth will design a network for you to confidently and clearly see your future business goals and potential and ensure financial connectivity℠ between providers and patients.

Can our governance model help you?

Let’s talk about  how our governance model can transform your practice or healthcare network.

CaduceusHealth Proven Network & Management System Streamline Business Operations.


We Integrate Service Line Leadership to Create a Fully Engaged Network


Physician Engagement

Our model integrates a service line leadership to create a fully engaged network with all leaders pulling in the same direction.


Optimal License Performance

Our model creates an environment for clinicians to passionately practice what they do best and focus on their patients.

A Strong Management Team

Our delegated authority model implements a clear line of authority eliminating the frustration and confusion when physicians need answers.


Compensation Analysis

We will complete a full review of all compensation plans and make recommendations for a complete compensation model.

The Results


Operational & Management Integrity

Productivity Increases

Financial Improvement


When we implemented the Council Model at Kadlec Clinic, providers took an active role in governing the clinic as a whole and each specialty group and primary care location took charge of their own practices. Despite still being “employed”, we all felt the autonomy that comes with private practice. It truly is the best of both worlds. Word spread in the community, and dozens of local private practice specialty and primary care groups approached and joined Kadlec Clinic. My partners and I work as a team with our manager and region director to control every aspect of our practice that impacts our quality of life and work life balance. As long as we meet the needs of our patients, we are free to run the clinic as we see fit, and our manager reports to us while implementing our management decisions. It’s a winning strategy!
— Brian York, MD, Infectious Disease, Council in the Providence Health, Kadlec Clinic system

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