Putting Your Data to Work

Delivering Fast and Accurate Business Intelligence

The challenge for healthcare organizations is to make the day-to-day clinical, financial and operational information transparent and accessible. We create the analytics and supply the tools that provide true business intelligence and predictive analytic capabilities real time and measurable.

Need real-time business intelligence?

  • Need turn-key interaction with your analytics?

  • Have multiple system platforms?

  • Need insight into your productivity at a glance?

  • Need reimbursement analysis for prescribed medical procedures?

Analytics Services

Our team is highly proficient in data analytics for important data-driven decisions.


Provider Productivity

Provider productivity data in combination with financial and market data provides business insights.


Provider Scorecards and Productivity Dashboards

Identify areas for improvement and align individual goals with provider and productivity expectations.


Reimbursement Analysis

Accurate payer and CPT coding will bring transparency to reimbursement history for prescribed medical procedures.


Business & Clinical Outcome Analysis

Measure patient performance and patient satisfaction to create a better patient experience.


Heat Mapping & Referral Analysis

Zero in on unnecessary costs and services for network optimization and highlight practice-based expansion needs, regulatory reporting and risk management.

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