Why choose CaduceusHealth?

When we implemented the Council Model at Kadlec Clinic, providers took an active role in governing the clinic as a whole and each specialty group and primary care location took charge of their own practices. Despite still being “employed”, we all felt the autonomy that comes with private practice. It truly is the best of both worlds. Word spread in the community, and dozens of local private practice specialty and primary care groups approached and joined Kadlec Clinic. My partners and I work as a team with our manager and region director to control every aspect of our practice that impacts our quality of life and work life balance. As long as we meet the needs of our patients, we are free to run the clinic as we see fit, and our manager reports to us while implementing our management decisions. It’s a winning strategy!
— Brian York, MD, Infectious Disease, Council in the Providence Health, Kadlec Clinic system

The Network Council at Southeastern Regional Health Systems was transformative for the physicians and our patients. The medical group transitioned from conventional medical disciplinary silos to an integrated medical model. Overall, the physicians are now able to collaborate and communicate regarding both systemic and individual patient issues more efficiently. 


• An increase in cross-disciplinary understanding which improves the quality of referrals. 

• An increase in coordinated problem-solving which enhances the implementation of the solutions.

• An increase in physicians engagement allows for a deeper analysis of data ,therefore, data-driven decision making. 

This coordinated body provides the physicians with better overall financial picture of all the practices in the Health Systems. This transformative process at Network Council at Southeastern Regional Health Systems which built a robust integrated medical practice, significantly, improving patient care. I highly recommend the use of this type of Council it is a valuable us of physicians time in any practice!
— Harvey H. Allen, MD Gastroenterology, Southeastern Regional Medical Center

After 28 years in solo practice I joined Kadlec clinic, who implemented the Council Model after my first year with them.  For the first year, it was hard to give up the independence and control that I had in practice, and I was not all happy. Then the Physician Counsel model was implemented and came in to effect. Once again I felt In control my voice was heard and felt part of a team. Physicians were in leadership roles and helped the direction of the clinic. With more teamwork we were able to manage costs and this added to providers bottom line. The attitude of the providers was great and measurements of provider satisfaction was very high. I would highly recommend the provider model.
— James Leedy MD, Family Practice Kadlec Clinic, Providence Health System

I love their reports. CaduceusHealth provides the most concise and easy to understand analytics. In fact, our in-house system doesn’t even come close to producing what CaduceusHealth can do.