MSO Services

On-Site Oversight and Engagement with Practice and Nonclinical Staff

CaduceusHealth provides physician network leadership and practice management services. Our team provides administrative support and analyzes the technical and hands-on work your staff is handling. We implement efficiencies, flexibility, transparency and cost savings by standardizing and sharing data, developing business analysis reports and giving providers the confidence and freedom to focus on healthcare. As a result of our teamwork, physicians have the ability to increase their focus on patient care, ultimately improving physician engagement, productivity, and financial performance and ensuring that our clients have financial connectivity℠ to their patients.

Management capabilities are our super powers

  • Looking for improved physician engagement?

  • Need improved financial performance?

  • Need practice acquisition consulting and on-boarding of new practices?

  • Want an analysis of your referral tracking?

CaduceusHealth Expertise

CaduceusHealth experts give providers access to details of revenue cycle management and create real-time transparency of administrative and management services.

  1. Financial reporting, analytics, and market analysis

  2. Performance monitoring

  3. Practice acquisition consulting and onboarding of new practices

  4. Administrative and revenue cycle management and compliance


Front Office Support

We take into account every detail of your day-to-day business workflow from capturing patient data and history, to coding and billing reconciliation.

We’ll streamline

  • Service coding, insurance coverage and claims

  • Credit card and payment processing, statements

  • Payment denial, appeals and resolution


Engineered For Efficiency/Security

With CaduceusHealth oversight and behind the scenes support, we’ll  give providers the confidence and freedom to focus on healthcare.

We’ll support your

  • Payer contract negotiations

  • Month-end finance reporting

  • Referral tracking

  • On-site engagement with practice management and staff

Partnered for Success

As early adopters and certified partners of athenahealth technology, CaduceusHealth has over the past nine years evolved into the go-to experts on how to optimize your athenahealth experience. Utilizing our deep knowledge of practice management combined with our athenanet expertise, CaduceusHealth is equipped to streamline your business and train your staff on the most effective use of athena’s advanced network platform. We’ll work with you to strategically build athena clinical templates, and advise you on the potentials and pitfalls of your current system.