Reach New Levels of Success with CaduceusHealth Partners

When CaduceusHealth partners with the athenahealth service platform, we have it all covered, offering complete business office and nonclinical operational expertise. Supporting over 3,500 providers on athenahealth using the athenanet platform, practices will save time and staff. We take on all the “you do work” in your athenahealth relationship.

Have Athenahealth service Platform?

Let’s talk about how our partnerships and network solutions can transform your practice or healthcare network.


Integration, Data Standardization, Transparency

From data entry, coding, claim error workflows, interface and project management and live operator call center streamlining, to business intelligence analytics and population health reporting, we’ll take the burden off your staff by integrating trained experts to implement the system to its fullest potential.  

Athenahealth software will assist the front desk with scanning driver’s license and insurance cards; calculating copay and outstanding balance totals and confirming insurance eligibility; registering credit cards on file and updating registration information.

CaduceusHealth is a strong partner with athenahealth, integrating athenanet experts in our CaduceusHealth medical management teams.


A strong partnership

for stronger performance

The right combination of MSO services and technology helps providers reach new levels of success.